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외상 후 스트레스장애 아동의 정신병리와 부모의 우울불안 증상과의 관계 The Relationship between Anxiety and Depression Symptoms of Children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Their Parents


Subin Park, MD, PhD1;So Yoon Kim, BA1;Oh-Hyang Kwon, MD1;Jeong-Hoon Bae, MD1; and Hee Jeong Yoo, MD, PhD2;

1;Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, <sup></sup>2;Department of Neuropsychiatry, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Seongnam, Korea


Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 19-24

공황장애에서 단기약물치료가 불안민감도와 삶의 질 및 기능장애에 미치는 영향 Effect of Short-Term Pharmacotherapy on Anxiety Sensitivity, Quality of Life and Functional Disability in Panic Disorder Patients


Yun-Hye Oh, MD;Kwan-Woo Choi, MD;Bora-Kim, MD;Jung-Yoon Heo, MD; and Bum-Hee Yu, MD, PhD

Department of Psychiatry, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Panic disorder;Escitalopram;Anxiety sensitivity;Quality of life;Disability.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 25-30

한국판 정신장애 진단 선별 질문지의 표준화 연구 Study on Standardization of Korean Version of Psychiatric Diagnostic Screening Questionnaire(K-PDSQ)


Hyeong-Keun Choi, MD1;Sung-Won Jung, MD, PhD1;Hyun-Ju Jo, PhD2;Jeong-Bum Kim, MD, PhD1; and Chul-Ho Jung, MD, PhD1;

1;Department of Psychiatry, Keimyung University School of Medicine, KeiMyung University Hospital, Daegu, <sup></sup>2;Department of Psychology, Yeungnam University School of Medicine, Daegu, Korea

PDSQ;Psychiatric disorder;Screening test.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 31-7

투석 환자에서 연령에 따른 우울, 불안 및 긍정사고의 차이 The Differences of Depression, Anxiety and Positive Thinking between Adult and Elderly Hemodialysis Patients

노기원1;하주원1;임세원1;이재은2;이규백2;김 향2;오강섭1;

Ki-won Noh, MD1;Juwon Ha, MD1;Se-won Lim, PhD1;Jae-Eun Lee, MD2;Kyu-Beck Lee, PhD2;Hyang Kim, PhD2; and Kang-Seob Oh, MD, PhD1;

1;Department of Psychiatry, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, <sup></sup>2;Divison of Nephrology, Department of Internal Medicine, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Positive thinking;Depression;Anxiety;Heart rate variability;Hemodialysis.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 38-44

한국인 강점 척도의 개발 및 타당화 The Development and Validation of the Korean Strength Scale

정영은1,2;이지은1,3;한 유1,3;최정우1,3;백경희1;박주언4;민정아5;채정호1,5;

Young-Eun Jung, MD1,2;Ji-Eun Lee, MA1,3;You Han, MA1,3;Jeong-Woo Choi, MA1,3;Kyoung Hee Baek, BA1;Joo-Eon Park, MD, PhD4;Jung-Ah Min, MD5; and Jeong-Ho Chae, MD, PhD1,5;

1;Optimist Club, Seoul, <sup></sup>2;Department of Psychiatry, Chonbuk National University, School of Medicine, Jeonju, <sup></sup>3;Strength Garden, Uiwang, <sup></sup>4;Department of Psychiatry, Keyo Hospital, Uiwang, <sup></sup>5;Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Strength;Scale development;Validity;Korean.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 45-53

정신건강의학과 치료 과거력이 없는 외상후 스트레스 장애 환자에서 나이와 손상 심각도가 중증 불안에 미치는 영향 Influences of Injury Severity and Age on Severe Anxiety in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Patients with No Previous History of Psychiatric Disorders


Woon Yeong Park, MD1;Sang Hag Park, MD, PhD1,2;Sang Hoon Kim, MD, PhD1,2;Seung Gon Kim, MD, PhD1,2;Jung In Park, MD1; and IL Han Choo, MD, PhD1,2;

1;Department of Neuropsychiatry, Chosun University Hospital, Gwangju, <sup></sup>2;Department of Neuropsychiatry, School of Medicine, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea

Posttraumatic stress disorder;Severe anxiety;Injury severity score;Age.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 54-60

우울증 및 불안장애 환자에서 특성불안 차이에 따른 긍정심리요인의 특징 Characteristic of Trait Anxiety and Positive Psychological Factors in Patients with Depression and/or Anxiety Disorders


Hee-Young An, MD1;Jung-Ah Min, MD1;Sun-Young Kim, MA2; and Jeong-Ho Chae, MD, PhD1;

1;Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, <sup></sup>2;Catholic Emotion Laboratory, Catholic Medical Science Institute, Seoul, Korea

Trait anxiety;Positive psychological factors;Spirituality;Purpose in life.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 61-7

우울 및 불안장애 환자에서 아동기 학대와 정서증상 및 리질리언스와의 관계 Relationship of Affective Symptoms and Resilience with Childhood Abuse in Patients with Depressive or Anxiety Disorders


Miha Kyoung, MD;Jung-Ah Min, MD; and Jeong-Ho Chae, MD, PhD

Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Childhood abuse;Depression;Anxiety;Resilience.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 68-73

Review Article

불안 및 우울 장애에 있어서 불확실성에 대한 불내성의 역할 The Role of Intolerance of Uncertainty in Anxiety and Depressive Disorders


Jun-Yeob Lee, MD;Sang-Hyuk Lee, MD, PhD; and Ho-Suk Suh, MD, PhD

Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, CHA University, Seoul, Korea

Intolerance of uncertainty;Intolerance of uncertainty scale;Worry;Generalized anxiety disorder;Obsessive-compulsive disorder;Depression.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 3-9

자살성향 측정척도들의 자살예측력에 대한 고찰 A Review on Predictive Validity of Suicide Assessment Measures


Sung-Jin Park, MA1;Ayoung Lim, MA2;Subin Park, MD3;Riji Na, MD2; and Jin Pyo Hong, MD, PhD2;

1;Department of Psychology, Seoul National University, Seoul, <sup></sup>2;Department of Psychiatry, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, <sup></sup>3;Department of Psychiatry, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea

Suicide assessment scales;Suicide ideation;Suicide attempt;Completed suicide;Predictive validity.

Anxeity and Mood 2013 ;9(1) : 10-8