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건강인에서 동영상 공포 자극이 뇌파에 미치는 영향 Effects of Fear Stimuli by Means of a Video Clip on the Power Spectra of Electroencephalograms in Healthy Adults


Yoo-Ra Kim, MD; and Jeong-Ho Chae, MD, PhD;

Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Fear response;Heart rate variability;Skin temperature;Electroencephalography.

Anxeity and Mood 2010 ;6(2) : 102-7

양극성 조증 입원 환자에서 과체중, 비만과 연관 인자:예비 연구 Factors Associated with Overweight and Obesity in Inpatients with Bipolar Mania:A Preliminary Study


Young-Eun Jung, MD; Ho-Jun Seo, MD, Hoo Rim Song, MD, Hee Ryung Wang, MD, Tae-Youn Jun, MD, PhD and Won-Myong Bahk, MD, PhD

Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea

Bipolar mania;Overweight;Obesity.

Anxeity and Mood 2010 ;6(2) : 109-13

일 부대 현역 사병들에서 입대 전 인터넷 사용 정도와 정신건강과의 관계 The Association between Mental Health and the Degree of using Internet Before Joining the Army in the Soldiers On Service in a Region


Sun Mi Kim, MD; Chul-Soo Park, MD, PhD; Jin-Wook Sohn, MD, PhD; Bong-Jo Kim, MD, PhD; Bo-Seok Cha, MD; and Cheol-Soon Lee, MD;

Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, Korea

Internet addiction;Soldiers;Mental health.

Anxeity and Mood 2010 ;6(2) : 115-8

한글판 우울증 선별도구(Patient Health Questionnaire-9, PHQ-9)의 신뢰도와 타당도 Reliability and Validity of the Korean Version of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)


Seung-Jin Park, MA; Hye-Ra Choi, MA; Ji-Hye Choi, MA; Kunwoo Kim, MD; and Jin Pyo Hong, MD, PhD;

Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine University of Ulsan, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

Korean version of Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9);Reliability;Validity.

Anxeity and Mood 2010 ;6(2) : 119-122

한국 육군 일개 사단에서 군 복무 부적응자들의 정신의학적 평가:그린캠프 참가자들을 중심으로 Psychiatric Evaluation of Maladaptive Male Conscripts in a Division of the Republic of Korean Army:Focus on Green Camp Participants


Juhyun Kim, MD1; Suk-Hoon Kang, MD1; Byoung Seok Ye, MD1; Hyunkuk Hwang, MA1; Jaewon Suh, MD1; Gongju Chai, RN1; Hwanbae Lee, MD1; and Chan-Hyung Kim, MD, PhD2;

1;Chuncheon National Hospital, Chuncheon,</sup> 2;Departments of Psychiatry, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Military psychiatry;Mental disorders;Adaptation;Psychology;MMPI.

Anxeity and Mood 2010 ;6(2) : 131-5

Review Article

강박장애의 개념과 진단기준의 변천과 향후 방향 Concept, Diagnostic Criteria and a Future Prospective of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Daeyoung Roh, MD1; Jimin Kim1; and Chan-Hyung Kim, MD, PhD1,2;

1;Department of Psychiatry,</sup> 2;Institute of Behavioral Science Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Obsessive-compulsive disorder;Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorder;DSM-V;Symptom dimensions;Hoarding.

Anxeity and Mood 2010 ;6(2) : 93-101